About Us
Welcome to Falling Water!  We're glad that you have taken the time to visit our site which provides information about who we are, our ministries, and how we worship.  

Our Vision

We are Bridge Builders at Falling Water and challenge ourselves to be a mission church that deeply cares about people who need to believe in Jesus Christ.

Our Congregation
We are small but mighty. As disciples of Christ we worship an awesome God through message, Bible study, music, fellowship, and service to others.  We pride ourselves on being a church family that helps each other in times of need.  We invite you to join us as we share the joy of knowing and growing in Christ.

Our Church is over 130 years old! Here's a short history.
The Falling Water Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized on September 14, 1884 by the Rev. Mr. E. G. H. Pryor, who then served as its pastor until 1886. The first building was erected on what was known as Clover Hill, about a mile north of the present church site.  This building served the congregation until a new church was built under the leadership of Rev. George Wiggins.  Land for the new church on Old Dayton Pike was donated by Mr. And Mrs. Walter P. Selcer, Sr.  On October 24, 1926, the congregation gathered at the Clover Hill site and proceeded on foot to the new church for the first service at the current location. An educational and recreational addition was built and dedicated in March, 1957, under the leadership of Rev. W. E. Morgan.  Rev. Morgan served the Falling Water Church for almost one-fourth of its history; first from March, 1930 until January, 1932, and then from May, 1947 until November, 1968. The Rev. Glenn W. Kapperman pastored the church for twenty five years, June 1979-May 2004. He retired due to failing health and passed away September 18th 2008. The Rev. James C. Barry served our church from November 8, 2009 until November 2016.  The Rev. Perry Whitaker became our pastor May 14, 2017 and retired December 31, 2021.  The Rev. Lanny Johnson became our pastor August 1, 2022. He will be retiring February 28, 2023 due to health issues. We have a unique line of supply pastors lined up to conduct our worship service until we find a new pastor.